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PCB is the cornerstone of the electronics industry, all electronic circuits need to PCB. PCB industry is well established, limited growth or decline. 2008 and 2009, due to fierce price competition, PCB industry, output fell. In 2010, the electronics industry rebound, but the PCB industry increased by only 10.5%. 2011, PCB industry growth rate is expected to be only 5.1%.

33% of the U.S. military PCB products manufactured in North America outside
IPC - Association Connecting Electronics Industries ® International for the U.S. Air Force to prepare the market analysis shows that the U.S. Department of Defense or the estimated one-third of all military systems used by the printed circuit board production outside North America.

According to IPC market research data, and NT information and other electronic data industry consultant, IPC is concluded that the market value of the U.S. military PCBs in 105 million and 1.23 billion. According to market estimates, 27% -39% products are sold by the U.S. military's PCB manufacturing outside North America.

"North America has a capable, competitive, organized the supply base to support current and future U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) requirements for PCB technology." IPC President and CEO, Denny McGuirk said, " printed circuit on the U.S. Department of Defense administrative department policy recommendations IPC electronic interconnect industry, the industry proposed Department of Defense should also be introduced from the North American manufacturer of non-critical technologies to support a robust and technologically advanced domestic supply base.

Policy recommendations the report also pointed out that competition in the North American PCB manufacturing base is very complex, high-tech Department of Defense products, which to a very high material content, a long construction period and low yield characteristics. Department of Defense needs to achieve greater low-tech for the outstanding achievements of North American manufacturers to provide more infrastructure support.

North American PCB industry to strengthen and protect the vital importance of U.S. national security in June 2011 in Washington, DC, IPC 15-16, between the Congress participants in one of three issues published.

Congress participants will meet at members of Congress to educate them about the conflict, the complexity of mineral regulations and how these regulations impact on their company. They will also demand that their lawmakers about the government regulations.

articipants will also work with other manufacturers and the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) members of the exchange and sharing social activities and learning technology, which represents American electronics manufacturers to ensure the best chance of success. Participants will discover how they use government resources, such as federal government procurement of technical assistance, trade adjustment assistance grants, Small Business Innovation Research grants and other resources to strengthen their businesses.

Global PCB market situation and development trend analysis.

Summary 2010 global PCB market status, analysis of the next five years, the global PCB market perspective, an overview of the current board in China and Japan market.

March 2011, the world's leading market analysts Printed Circuit PCB's Mr.Phil Plonski prismark published in Shanghai, "Global e-line market situation and future development of" speech, statistical results showed that PCB output value of 50.97 billion in 2010 dollars, compared to the 2009 PCB Output Value $ 41,226,000,000, an annual growth rate of 23.6%, growth is gratifying indeed, the global PCB industry, in 2010, then it is a spring! In this paper, according to Prismark released in early 2011 data, I will be in 2010 summarized the global PCB market, while the global PCB for the future to predict the future development.

Overview of Global PCB Market by 2010
After the recession in 2009, both the global market or the Chinese market, have become the market recovery in 2010 year. Since the second quarter of 2009, the market rate of decline in the trend shown a narrowing in the fourth quarter of 2009, the market has begun to rebound and grow, to achieve the 2010 PCB market is more than 23% growth, far more than predicted 10% of the value, the next three years, the city China's IC market growth rate will remain at 10% or more.

Sub-field of view, the field of digital communications and computer still will be the future development of the market the most important driving forces; other areas of the market is improving as the global economy will have some degree of recovery; IC card and RFID tag fields although the future maintain a rapid rate of growth, but market share is too small an impact on the overall market. Future smart phones, tablet PCs, LCD TVs, books, materials, and medical electronic products networking may be hot to promote the development of IC market products. Overall, from 2010, China's IC market will enter a new period of growth, but the market's growth rate will not reproduce the rapid growth in previous years, steady growth will be the future development of China's PCB Market The main trend.

Global electronic system products in 2010 and the current situation and development of semiconductor
Global electronic system products in 2009 was 1.263 trillion U.S. dollars output value in 2010 increased to $ 1,437,000,000,000, an increase of 13.8%, predicted global electronic system products in 2011 was 1.523 trillion U.S. dollars output value, an increase of 6.0%, see table 1.2009 annual output value of 226 billion U.S. dollars global semiconductor, 2010, increased to 298 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 32%! 2011 global semiconductor forecast the output value of 3150 billion U.S. dollars, a growth rate of 5.6%, see Figure 1. According to electronics market, semiconductor market and the PCB market consistency, you can speculate about the future trend of global PCB market.

PC and mobile phones in 2010 the development of global
RBC Captial Markets by foreign institutions survey found that thousands of the world 6.8 billion 8 9 more than a million population, over 51 million people have mobile phones, but only 300 million 9 thousand 4 million smart phones. That is only 0.3% of people using smart phones or tablet computers. By 2014, there will be 400 million users worldwide use the Tablet PC, and the year 2014, global shipments of Tablet PCs will reach 100 million 8 million Department. But the lead is the Tablet PC market, google, instead of apple. By 2014, google's android will occupy 40% of the tablet PC market, apple's ipad share of 34%, Microsoft 13%, 8% of the BlackBerry, HP accounted for 5% of the WebOS.

Smart phones and tablet computers and the enormous business opportunities to the industrial revolution continues to heat up the demand for PCB products, many PCB manufacturers actively expanding production capacity while also increasing the pace of expansion, increasingly popular in the market trying to seize the initiative. According to statistics, in 2010 to reach 368 million units worldwide PC forecast in 2015 to 6.6 million units, has developed rapidly.

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