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Product Return Process
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We are committed to meet your requirements and provide high quality service and products. If a problem does occur we will work with you to resolve it. If you receive your PCBs and find that it is not satisfactory you have two options: request for a re-run on your PCB order or request a refund.

Request Steps

1. Contact us about the defect within 1 week upon receiving the parts.
2. Send a digital photo and description of the defect.
3. SPCB QA engineer will review your request and if the parts are non-conforming per customer specifications or IPC-A600, IPC-6012 class II revision, we will process your request.
4. Upon your approval, we will address the problem and re-run your order based on the original order request. There will be no additional charge.
5. If you qualify for a refund, we will refund 100% of your order amount, not including shipping costs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Return Process

Why can't I request refund for an assembly PCB?
This is to avoid abusing our services by requesting a refund for an assemblied PCB after discovering there was a design mistake. If the parts are non conforming, we will rerun the parts based on the original order request.

How can I send back the non conforming PCB?
You can use any major shipping carrier, including regular mail. We only request that the shipment must be traceable to confirm shipment and receipt. The parts must be postmarked to show it was shipped within the required time period to be valid.

Do I need an RMA number for reference?
No. But you must have a copy of the email or message stating that we accepted the non conforming parts. You must include the original order number in the shipment for us to reference the job.

How is refund processed?
We will credit back the amount to your Credit Card. Only Credit Card orders can be refunded.

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