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Quotation terms

PCB Part Number : The sign or the name for the board. And it can be uesd in the production, package and lable.


Gerber File : The file for board production. And in general, it’s the format by “.zip”


Layers : The quantity of lines layer

Forecast : Requested quantity

Base Material Type :In general, there’re several types of material for PCB production, like FR1, FR2, FR3, FR4, CEM-1, CEM-3 and RCC.


Material Finished Thk. : The total thickness after finish


Finished Copper Thk. : During the PCB production, the base copper will be produced by etching and plating, therefore, the finished copper thickness will be different with the base copper thickness. In general, “um” or “oz” sign the thickness of copper, like 18um(Hoz), 35um(1oz), 70um(2oz), 105um(3oz), and so on.


Unit Size : It’s the size for single board.


Panel Size : For being convenient for SMT, the PCB may finished by PNL design,esp for tiny boards.


Units Per a Panel : The quantity for the single board in one panel


Max. acceptance of X-OUT unit/ panel : There might be some defective boards in one panel, the defective will be signed “X”for easily recognizing. “Max. acceptance of X-OUT unit/ panel” means the max quantity you can accept in one panel.


Min finished hole size(mm) : The hole can be devided into PTH hole(plating though hole) and NPTH hole(Non-plating though hole). The function for the PTH hole is for connecting lines and pads, and the function for NPTH hole is mainly for fixing compoennents.In general, “mm” or “mil” sign the hole size, like 0.1mm(4mil), 0.2mm(8mil), 0.8mm(32mil), and so on.


Hole Quantity : The density of holes in the board.


Min. Conductor Line width/Spacing : There are several lines in the board, and the width of lines and the spacing between lines is one important element for technology. And in general, “mil” or “mm” sign the size of line width/spacing, like 4mil(0.1mm),5mil(0.125mm), 6mil(0.15mm), and so on.


Solder mask Color : In the PCB production, solder mask may be uesd to cover the lines or pads without SMT to save cost and to improve reliabity.Normally, it’s Green for the color of solder mask.


Silkscreen : The letters or No to sign the component location or logo.


Surface Treatment Finish : The materail to cover the copper for SMT or DIP.There are several kinds of surface finish,like Immersion Gold, Immersion Silver, Flash Gold, Immersion Tin, OSP, HASL, and LF-HASL.


Outline Profile : methord to make out the requested size. In general, there are 2 kinds of methord, one is punching, and the other is CNC routing.Punching is mainly for lower technology board, like singlelayer or double sides.


Set Up Charge : Set up charge is mainly for engineering and film, and it will be paid for one time only if there’s no change for the file.And engineer in the plant will check the original Gerber file from customer to find whether there’s obvious errors, and then need to translate into the tools and language for inner production Meanwhile, as the production of PCB, the lines and solder mask will be produced like camera needing film, which is unique for that PCB.


E-test Test Fixture : There will be two kinds of E-test charge. There are 4 or 8 test metal needles to touch the pads quickly to make sure whether there’s open or short circuit. One is flying probe test charge, which is mainly for prototype and small volume. The charge is relative with the Qty, and need to be paid according to every order. The other is electric test fixture charge. And the test metal needles are installed into the fixture, which is mainly for mass production with fast test speed. The fixture is unique because it’s installed according to that PCB. But it can be used thousands of times if there’s no change for the file.


Punching Mold : Punching is one kind of methord to make out the outline as requested,and it will improve the speed for the production, esp for tiny board in one PNL, or the board with half holes.


Unit Price : The price for each piece of board


Delivery Terms : The place and terms for shipment, like FCA HK, FOB HK, CIF Munich, and so on


Leadtime : The prodution periord for the board


Payment Terms : How and when to arrange the payment, like TT in advance, AMS, AMS30days & etc

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