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At SPCB we guarantee quality and product specification more so than other suppliers. We ensure that the product delivers what it promises. Our skilled professionals are highly trained to provide you with the quality you deserve. Let our guaranteed quality pay for itself.

Let us show you what sets us apart from other PCB manufacturers. We offer critical features such as durability, functionality, and small details that often go unnoticed.

Reliability and guaranteed long life are crucial when shopping for a PCB. Price tags are trivial because quality pays for itself in the long run.

The 10 Most Important Features of a reliable and Durable PCB

1. Min 20 Micron Nominal Hole Plating
We provided 11 percent more copper than Per IPC Class 2 (min. 18micron) which helps your product provide improved z-axis expansion. This can prevent blow holes, outgassing, and electrical continuity problems. There will be lessened risk of inner layer separation and barrel cracking, which therefore increases reliability.

2. No Copper Track or Open Circuit Repair
Poor repair can lead to open circuits, which could lead to potential field failures. We guarantee reliability through perfect circuitry and security.

3. No Local or Unknown Brands Raw Material Allowed
At SPCB we only use internationally proven materials to build the most reliable PCB. We do not support the use of products that have not been proven reliable, which can lead to poor performance and delamination.

4. Tolerance for Copper Clad Laminate is IPC-6012 Class II
Tight control of dielectric spacing provides less deviation in expected electrical performance. At SPCB we guarantee quality to lessen the risk of variation in output and performance.

5. Defined Soldermasks accordance to IPC-SM-840
The SPCB approves only good materials so you can rest assured the soldermasks are covered within UL approvals. Poor inks can cause problems with adhesion, resistance to solvents and hardness, and ultimately corrosion of the copper circuitry and electrical arcing.

6. Defined Tolerances for Holes and Outline
Tighter tolerances improve the dimensional quality of the product providing better fit, form and function. If a problem were to arise with the alignment and fit, deviations in dimensions may arise.

7. SPCB Specifies Soldermask Thickness
By specifying the thickness of the soldermask, we provide better electrical insulation, reduce the risk of flaking and adhesion loss, and create greater resilient to mechanical impact. Deposits of soldermask can lead to resistance to solvents and hardness and ultimately corrosion of copper circuitry. Unwanted electrical continuity and arcing can also occur.

8. SPCB Defines Cosmetic and Repair Requirements
All of our products are made with tender loving care throughout the entire mechanical process. Our team of professionals guarantee a functional and visually appealing board. By choosing SPCB, you avoid scratches, damages, and additional risk in the field.

9. SPCB Specific Requirements of Depth of Via Fill
A good quality filled via hole provides less risk of rejection throughout the assembly process. Half filled via holes can trap chemical residues which can lead to solderability and potential short circuiting.

10. Peters SD2955 Peelable as Standard in SPCB
Cheap peelable can blister, melt, tear or set like concrete during assembly so that the peelable does not function properly. SPCB believes in quality so the best, internationally acclaimed peelable is hand selected by our trained professionals to provide the best quality you deserve.
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